A good landscaper will tell you when it comes to designing a landscape you should consider “right plant, right place.” Whether you’re creating a brand new landscape or enhancing an existing one, having a good design is crucial.  
Our designers work with our customers through the entire process, and because of our experience maintaining landscapes, we can suggest not only good-looking designs, but ones that will minimize additional maintenance and flourish long-term in our harsh East Coast, Central Florida environment.


There are the 5 key elements that your landscape design must posses in order to ensure that it will become a stand out:

  • Unity:  Unity or Harmony means that all the components in the design should go together as one and must express consistency and style.

  • Focal Point:  A landscape design would not be complete without a focal point like a big tree or a flowerbed, a pool or a pond, and a fountain or artificial waterfalls and landscape lighting.

  • Proportion:  Proportion refers to the size of the parts of the landscape design in respect to one another, to the landscape design as a whole, and to the property, structures, and human elements.

  • Symmetry and Balance:  To achieve balance, the landscape design should have a good use of line, shape, texture, form, and color all at the same time.

  • Simplicity:  A landscape design should not be overdone just to stand out from the entire neighborhood. Simplicity is the key. It also goes with the faithful regards and wholistic design to the above mentioned four key elements.

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